The Lark

National Collection holder for Corydalis

The  objective  of this site is to demonstrate the variety of colours, planting conditions and the extent of flowering period that these plants can give.  Also to assist in any way in their upkeep.

We have a small garden plot of 1 acre and hold the national collection of Specie Corydalis. These may be viewed by appointment and also on our open days for the NGS (see link).

Obviously it would be impossible to see all the plants on one visit as their habit of flowering generally covers 10 months of the year. To assist with this we have put together this site to which we will add corydalis as they flower throughout the year. many of which are interesting, beautiful and rare. In time, it is our intention to include more of our garden plants (we have in excess of 1500), many of which are also rare.

To give you some help, some useful links have been included.

In order to increase the national collection, if you have any corydalis for sale, an e-mail with a description and price would be appreciated.